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The aftermath of this week’s resignation by Oregon’s Public Records Advocate, Ginger McCall, in response to political interference by Kate Brown’s top staff, along with her top staffers’ surreptitious efforts to kill the 2019 bipartisan transparency legislation, has led to a cascade of harshly critical news stories and editorials of the Governor, and has left Brown reeling right in the middle of the ongoing recall petition.

“Kate Brown’s policies and leadership were already very unpopular, but this week’s resignation of her handpicked Public Records Advocate, due to anti-transparency political interference from the Governor’s office, is now helping to further fuel our recall petition signature-gathering efforts,” said Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier, the Chief Petitioner. “It’s quite apparent now that Kate Brown’s solemn promises to make transparency a priority were really just a smokescreen to mislead voters in 2018 because her actions and that of her staff have been to block and kill transparency when it doesn’t align with her interests.”

“For someone not facing reelection, Kate Brown seems to be working very hard to conceal the truth about her administration from the citizens of Oregon,” said Currier. “She operates like the citizens are hapless fools that she can dupe during election time. She has clearly forgotten that Oregon’s open government and public records laws give citizens the right to know what their government is doing and deciding that will affect their jobs and their lives.”

“Brown keeps stating she has a mandate simply because she was elected, but it is becoming abundantly clear that her abuses of power and destructive policies aren’t what voters had in mind. Every news story and dismissive, arrogant reaction by the Governor suggests that she is more corrupt than her predecessor, John Kitzhaber, who would have certainly faced a recall had he not resigned in disgrace three weeks into his fourth term. Oregonians are getting serious buyer’s remorse about Brown and are rapidly joining our efforts to hold her accountable with a recall.”

“Our petition signature efforts are showing great promise of delivering on a chance for voters to have the final say on the Governor’s abusive leadership and destructive policies, but we urge everyone to get their petitions signed and returned as soon as possible,” added Currier. “We can and must hold Kate Brown accountable and create a mandate that politicians in Salem restore governance that represents all Oregonians with honesty and transparency.”

To learn more about this week’s events and the latest on the recall effort, please watch Chairman Currier and Public Records Advocate Ginger McCall on KATU’s Your Voice Your Vote at 9 am this Sunday, September 15th.

More information about the Oregon GOP recall, including downloadable petitions can be found at  NOTE: Circulators are reminding voters that they may sign each recall petition only once. For a list of locations to sign in person go here =>

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